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The Bobenal Group

The Bobenal Group is a closely held commercial real estate firm that manages, develops and invests in commercial real estate throughout the Midwest and Florida.

Started in Alma, Michigan by three local businessman, BOB (Sheldon) BEN (Simon) and AL (Fortino), developed their first project in 1961, the A&P Grocery Store which now houses General Telephone.  In the 55 years since the company was formed, The Bobenal Group has grown by leaps and bounds, with over $40 million of assets under management and over 50 properties in its portfolio.   Now operated out of East Lansing, Michigan, The portfolio of properties includes shopping centers, office parks, stand only fast casual restaurants, and strip malls.

A family business at heart, the President of Bobenal is Jill S. Fine, the daughter of founder Benjamin Simon and Margie G. Simon, who served as Chairman from 1987 until her death in 2016.  In 1983, the Simons, along with their son-in-law Jerome Fine, arranged to purchase the outstanding shares of the company.  Mr. Fine serves as General Counsel and alongside Jill and his son Andrew, manages the company on a day to day basis.  Mr. Fine, whose father and uncle were the founders of Fine-Bilt Homes, a residential housing development company, has also expanded the company’s business into the development of single family housing.

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